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Safety2nd: Interesting Safety Concepts


The study of safety is a time honored tradition for all human activities.
Safety2nd looks at new ways to think about safety.

About Safety2nd, LLC

Time for Fresh Ideas About Safety

Customized and Intriguing Training for:

  • First Responders
  • Second Responders
  • Construction
  • Heavy Equipment Operators
  • Emergency Management
  • Engineering
  • Faith Based Organizations
  • Workplace and Home
  • Executive and Managerial Team Building
  • Life Coaching

"Safety first" is a tired statement that people use to try to communicate safety issues.  At Safety2nd we introduce baseline concepts that must precede safety, first.  A framework of instinct thinking highlights our special cognitive educationals theories.


The study of safety is a time honored tradition for all human activities.  Safety2nd looks at new ways to think about safety.  For a truly safer working situation, Safety2nd highlights concepts that must be understood before safety can truly be first.

Safety2nd is an eye and ear catcher that stimulates meaningful discussions

about  instinct and working in a safer environment.



Safety first!  Safety first!  Experienced veterans of hazardous environments are sick of hearing that hollow command.

Safety2nd highlights ideas that support complete safety, not just the hollow phrase, "safety first."  Safety2nd helps your people realize a consistent self understanding about what makes them safer ALL OF THE TIME!

This exciting group of professional and experienced speakers and instructors make the point that safety and security can only be prioritized when they are mindfully understood and accepted first.

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Time to try something new!


FRAMEWORK FIRST: wake your employees to thinking about themselves and their team first.  Only a solid understanding of themselves FIRST all of the time can make them understand that Safety is Second...Safety2nd!

Safety2nd offers AHJ authorized and customed classroom and practical experiences that drive home real, full time safety consciousness. 


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